September 16, 2019
 In Situation in Myanmar

Country: Brazil
Delegate Name: Olivia Ahrens

As the delegate for Brazil, action must be taken immediately for Myanmar. Myanmar is full of violence currently from the military takeover. Brazil would like to see peace restored and the democratically elected government put back in charge. Brazil supports the people of Myanmar and wants to see a return to democratic norms. As a country that has suffered under a military coup, we must also discuss the human rights violations that have happened to the citizens of Myanmar and the violence which has impacted them. We should provide more peacekeeping troops to prevent this violence. There have been human rights violations to the citizens who choose to protest such as tear gas and rubber bullets.

In the past, Brazil has joined in 50 UN peacekeeping operations, involving military and civilians, the country itself has suffered under a military coup. We have supported the stabilization mission in Haiti by deploying troops and raising funds. Brazil has deployed troops to several peace missions, including UNAVEM III. With MINUSTAH, we assumed personal responsibilities and appointed our force commander. We have also headed the military axis for the Republic of Congo. These are operations we have done as a country which understands the peacekeeping efforts needed to control a military coup, and as one of the most active UN Security Council members, we hope to reform democracy for Myanmar.

For Myanmar, Brazil would like to see more-peacekeeping operations and more support for the democratically elected government. This would mean possibly pushing for a fair election between the government and the current leader of Myanmar. From the IMF, we could obtain equipment and funds for the people of Myanmar. A bloc of bigger countries to provide a peacekeeping military force and provide troops to Myanmar. Military crime and corruption should be discussed in relation to human rights violations. Must actions should be taken immediately to make Myanmar safe once again.

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