September 16, 2019
 In The Role of Nuclear Energy in Reducing Fossil Fuel Reliance

Country: France
Delegate Name: Logan Ellis

The threat of global warming is a great one. Global warming is where greenhouse gasses (mainly due to fossil fuels burning) get trapped in the atmosphere and result in the planet getting warmer. This issue affects the whole world, and is very rapidly getting worse. If we want to prevent it from further affecting the Earth, then we must take action now.
The Earth has gotten 1° C warmer than in pre-industrial times. A lot of burning of fossil fuels comes from factories, and the production of energy. There are several ways to produce energy without burning fossil fuels. The only problem is many of those ways produce variable amounts of energy. For example, using hydroelectricity only works if you have large, fast flowing rivers, or solar energy, which only works in the day. The solution to this is using nuclear energy.
It has been proven that nuclear power plants produce a constant flow of energy, and reactors can work for decades on end. Secondly, nuclear power plants can also use recycled fuel, which helps to keep a steady supply of fuel. The only con with nuclear energy is the cost to construct the power plants. Also it is difficult to maintain the security of the nuclear power plants. Each power plant costs billions of dollars to construct, though once built, they are relatively cheap to maintain.
France has seen the threat of global warming and has taken action. 70% of France’s electricity is produced by nuclear energy. In France there are currently 56 operable nuclear reactors. Also, France is in the top 3 for producing nuclear energy. Another thing France has done is recycled a lot of recyclable fuel from their nuclear power plants.
France believes they should continue their work in using nuclear energy, keep up on the infrastructure, and maintain existing nuclear power plants. France thinks they should help other countries to use nuclear energy. Since nuclear power plants are so costly to build, many countries can’t afford to build them. Wealthier countries in the UN can help less fortunate countries financially. France’s allies include Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, and many more. Since this is such an important issue, France (and other countries) can really make a difference in this issue.