September 16, 2019
 In MONUSCO - Peacekeeping Efforts in the DRC

Country: Ecuador
Delegate Name: Colin Zaremski

Committee: UNSC
Country: Ecuador
Delegate: Colin Zaremski

In the D.R.C. The UN has made efforts to help the government stabilize the country and help give aid to the needy. MONUSCO was made to help support the government and it took over from a different peacekeeping operation in the region which was known as the United Nations Organization Mission in Democratic Republic of the Congo or MONUC to make the name shorter. The main reason the UN has had to do this is because the government of the D.R.C. was struggling with rebellious groups and the severe poverty among the citizens in the country. The UN has made significant progress in helping the government reduce poverty in the country and help reduce the violence in the country as well.
Ecuador at the current moment has not given any support to MONUSCO. Ecuador has helped with other peacekeeping operations and humanitarian aid programs that were made by the UN. Ecuador does find the support of the government in the D.R.C. very important and the aid to the citizens as something the international community should work towards. Ecuador has not had enough time to organize a group of people to send to the D.R.C. to give humanitarian aid to people of the country.
Ecuador does plan to send some humanitarian aid forces to the D.R.C. when Ecuador has enough time to organize a group of people to help with the aid that the D.R.C. needs to help its people and help to try and stop the violence happening in the country. Ecuador plans to send humanitarian aid to help the citizens who are in extreme poverty and those or are severely ill. Ecuador will help give aid in any way Ecuador needs to.

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