September 16, 2019
 In Nuclear Reactors in Conflict Zones

Country: Malta
Delegate Name: Juliet Guenther

Committee: IAEA
Country: Malta
Delegate: Juliet Guenther
Topic: Nuclear Reactors in Conflict Zones

Nuclear reactors can cause very dangerous events if not protected and maintained properly. History has shown us what will happen to nuclear reactors if they have been deprived of power in Fukushima. But this was just a case of a natural disaster, but similar situations could occur from human intervention. This is why it is necessary to protect nuclear power plant and keep them out of combat as it poses a threat to civilian lives. The impact is likely not just to one area and could affect people from multiple countries as seen from the power plant near Chornobyl.
Malta has not used or planned to use any nuclear installations in any way in its history. This is because of the island’s population it is unlikely to be any nuclear reactors in Malta. But it is understood to make sure that radioactive material is dangerous, and there have been changes in the past to make it safer.
Malta sees the danger of nuclear reactors in combat zones, and how it can be addressed. Understanding that the effects of nuclear disasters are tremendous Malta seeks to have the IAEA provide any assistance in maintaining plants in these areas. As well as encouraging countries to agree to leave combat out of nuclear installations to avoid any risk of disaster.

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