September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Militarization of Outer Space

Country: China
Delegate Name: Hunter Sturm

Country: China
Committee: DISEC
Delegate: Hunter Sturm
School: Williamston High School

Ever since the Soviets launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, in 1957, space has been in the forefront of people’s hearts and minds. Space is, after all, the final frontier, and as such has been delved into exhaustively in everything from pop culture to dinner table conversations. Just about every little kid has wanted to be an astronaut, and the argument for space colonization seems to be one of the possible futures for humankind. Yet despite all of these years of space exploration and global discussions on how to manage it, the framework for managing space, especially in terms of weaponizing it, is extremely minimal. The entirety of the International Space Law made by the United Nations is made up of 5 treaties and 5 principles, which all seem to lack adequate specifics.
China has been one of the most preeminent countries in the world in terms of space development. The invention of the gunpowder rocket, the precursor of the modern rocket, was just the beginning of China’s illustrious space program. At the core of the space program are the goals of national development and for peaceful cooperation between nations for the betterment of mankind. While China does have the largest military force in the world, they believe in mutually beneficial cooperation between nations. They also believe in the important roles that satellites play in telecommunications, navigation, and remote sensing for things such as meteorology, seismology, and urban planning.
In the future, China would like to minimize the legislation regarding space. While there does seem to be some flaws in the current, minimal legislation, space is a broad and vast expanse that is too hard to fully regulate. Countries should be able to expand in whatever ways they want, and work with other countries to both achieve sustainable and positive goals. After all, people are good, and nothing bad could happen with less restricted access to space.

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