September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Reduction of Military Budgets

Country: China
Delegate Name: Hunter Sturm

Country: China
Committee: DISEC
Delegate: Hunter Sturm
School: Williamston High School

With the continually and rapidly expanding global economy, where that money is going becomes increasingly more important. As situations like the one in Ukraine have shown us, military expenditures can rapidly take over a country’s economy. Globally, military budgets hit 2.2 million dollars in 2022, which some would argue is a bad thing. The main argument against military spending is that it takes resources away from other sectors like healthcare and infrastructure, and limits economic growth. Despite this argument some nations have thrived despite having large military budgets.
While China’s military budget may seem large to outside observers, it is in fact proportionally rather small. Military spending does equal a little over 290 million United States dollars, but that is a minimal 1.6 percent of their GDP. China has eliminated extreme poverty, given 100% of the population access to electricity, and stopped food insecurity. This is on top of maintaining a booming industrial economy that helps the whole world.
In the future, China would like to not see increased calls for decreased military spending. China is one of the great examples of how a large military can coincide with a strong and stable country. Just because one country may not be able to manage their military along with the rest of their government does not mean the rest of the world should follow suit. Global cooperation for the betterment of all mankind can be reached while still maintaining a strong military presence domestically and having wellbeing at home.

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