September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Climate Change and Public Health

Country: Belgium
Delegate Name: Vivienne Grzelak

Delegate: Viv Grzelak
School: Williamston High School
Country: Belgium
Committee: WHO
Topic: Climate Change and Public Health

The effects of climate change have affected Belgium, but not in a big way. Climate change has messed with our water irrigation system in the Loam region of Belgium, one of our most agriculture heavy areas.
Another issue is extreme weather. Most of the year Belgium is very average when it comes to weather, mild winters and cool summers, but when extreme weather comes into Belgium it can be very bad for farms and for urbanized areas. The extreme weather has caused flooding in urbanized and rural areas in Belgium.

These issues are obviously a big problem that there’s a flooding situation in Belgium. Right now the flooding is fairly well contained, with it only affecting one region of the country, and luckily it’s not even the most agriculturally used area of the country. The main issue is the waterways and the irrigation system of the country is getting too much water.

With Belgium being so closely tied to NATO and the EU, the government has close ties to several nations with plans for climate change. However, with Belgium not having a big problem with climate change there is not a really huge plan to fix it. However Belgium would be willing to offer some support for countries that are struggling more with this issue.

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