September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Reduction of Military Budgets

Country: Belgium
Delegate Name: Ethan Ellis

Delegate: Ethan Ellis
School: Williamston High School
Country: Belgium
Committee: DISEC
Topic: Reduction of Military Budgets

Military budgets are the money that each country can get from their government to further expand and refine their armed forces. Reducing a nation’s military budget has possible pros and cons. The pros can be less spending on defense can put more money into things like education. We can put more money to try to get out of debt. The money could be put more into the economy, and we could gain more imports. Less spending on nukes. Nuclear missiles are only used as a last resort. There are enough nukes in the world to destroy all of humanity a few times over. The cons of military spending are less money can be spent on defenses. Some jobs may be lost in the military sector. In case of a sudden armed conflict, less money can be spent to prepare yourself/allies.

Due to the war in Ukraine, Belgium plans to increase their defense budget from $4.7 billion (1.1%) to $6.9 billion (1.54%), with a goal to reach $10.4 billion (2%) by 2030. Belgium is putting this increase of money into active-duty personnel, and reducing the average age of personnel through retirement. Belgium also wants to increase the training systems (so troops are better prepared). Belgium also wants to increase jobs in the military sector. Belgium will also put the money towards armored vehicles, air defense capabilities, artillery systems, air transports, drones, and cybersecurity. With the ongoing conflicts, Belgium feels that we need to be properly prepared in the event that we are attacked, or need to aid in attack.

Belgium supports increasing the total military budget, because it increases a country’s sense of nationalism. Every country can then increase and improve their level of technology in the military. Creating new technologies can also help increase the security of a nation, and the military can be put to possibly help with domestic issues. Certain military technologies can be de-weaponized and help with tasks for noncombatants. For example, the possibility of an exoskeleton in the military could help soldiers. Or, you could give it to a worker to help ease a heavy load in construction. The emergence and integration of artificial intelligence can also be put to better use with an increased budget. Belgium’s allies are Germany, Poland, Italy, Norway, and France because these nations have also recently raised their defense budget after the Ukraine conflict.
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