September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Informal Settlements

Country: China
Delegate Name: Riley Chandel

Delegate: Riley Chandel
School: Williamston High School
Country: China
Committee: UNDP
Topic: Informal Settlements

With the rising issue of Informal Settlements within countries, many problems are occurring due to the settlements and their residents. The rapid change and development of the cities and economy of nations are causing some of the citizens to be unable to live in these cities, leading to the creation of settlements designed to give citizens a chance to live affordably. However, These settlements cause issues due to their designs not being architecturally planned, not being protected legally, and not considering the pollution caused by their citizens. The issue has been growing with now 1 billion people living in these slums as of 2018, and it is estimated that 2 billion more will also be forced to live in informal settlements by 2030.

China has recognized this issue growing in the nation and has made many efforts to stop the problem of informal settlements. Due to the fact China has recently had the most complex changing cities, informal settlements have been growing, and because of this China has dedicated its attention to researching the issue of informal settlements. China has also been remedying the informal settlements, also known as urban villages, to both improve the urban environment and its people. China began paying more attention to the urban villages after the spread of COVID-19, with China providing aid to the individuals residing within these informal settlements.

China would like to propose a resolution to the issue of informal settlements by improving the quality of these settlements in order to improve the urban environment of nations. China recognizes that not all nations are able to fund these changes and does not wish to impose on the sovereignty of any other nation. China believes that the improvement of these informal settlements will slow the increasing issue of the formation of the settlements and in turn, solve the issues such as poor infrastructure, poverty, and pollution caused by the settlements built. China expects to find allies with the countries of the Russian Federation and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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