September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Militarization of Outer Space

Country: Ghana
Delegate Name: Thien Truong-Phan

Thien Truong-Phan
Williamston High School
Militarization of Outer Space

Outer space has always been an important area of interest for people all over the world. In the modern era, interest has increased more than ever, especially within governments. Utilizing space for reasons such as national security or influence has been an important topic for modern governments. Militarization of outer space has also been on the minds of many governments. Militarization is the process of a society actively preparing for armed conflict. Therefore, for example, the usage and creation of satellites is not inherently militarization, but most definitely can be used by a country in a militaristic manner. Satellites offer powerful information to agencies all across the globe. This information is both vital but also potentially harmful, due to the fact that it can aid military endeavors. In the upcoming years, more and more technology will be created that will expand the reach of governments into outer space. This will inevitably include weapons and military innovations. However, we must control this at all costs. If space were to become utilized by governments for military means, it could spark an arms race.
Ghana is a nation that is committed to peace, stability, and cooperation between all nations, therefore, Ghana is highly opposed to the militarization of outer space. Ghana believes that the consequences of militarizing outer space would start an arms race across many world powers. This would lead to instability and unrest in economies all over the world. Ghana strongly maintains the idea that cooperation between nations is vital in order to maintain healthy relations. An arms race would cause many nations to try and compete instead of cooperate. Ghana fully supports the Space Treaty of 1967 in the belief that it keeps nations at peace with one another. The treaty clearly prohibits weapons of mass destruction from being placed into outer space. Additionally, Ghana believes that outer space should be used for peaceful purposes that benefit all of humanity and not just for the betterment of a specific nation. Ghana has its own official space program, the Ghana Space Science and Technology Center (GSSTC), which seeks to develop and utilize satellites using remote sensing (RS) technology for many things such as natural resource management and weather forecasting. Ghana is one of the leading countries in Africa when it comes to space technologies, and Ghana wishes to use its knowledge for the betterment of all people.
In conclusion, Ghana stands strong in its stance against the militarization of outer space due to the many consequences it can cause to the world as a whole. Ghana advocates for the collective efforts of all nations to address this issue and to not cause any more tensions to rise. Ghana is looking forward to working with all delegates in this committee to come to an understanding and justifiable resolution. Ghana is anticipating the collaboration of many nations on this topic, and is willing to work together with any country that may have a similar or agreeable stance.

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