September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Worker Protection From Labor Exploitation

Country: China
Delegate Name: Riley Chandel

Delegate: Riley Chandel
School: Williamston High School
Country: China
Committee: UNDP
Topic: Worker Protection from Labor Exploitation

Labor exploitation is a major issue in the current day with many poverty-stricken individuals being forced to work long hours for minimal pay. The other issue involves slavery where individuals are forced to work for no pay, resulting in even more poverty. Statistics show that around 50 million individuals are forced to go into slavery in the modern day. The issue of labor exploitation was recognized when the Treaty of Versailles created the International Labor Organization, an organization meant to monitor any exploitations of citizens and provide social and economic justice.

China has made improvements in its labor exploitation, by making slavery diminish in the country and increasing the minimum wage of workers. China is mainly combating the usage of exploited labor by using A.I technology to replace mistreated workers. A.I have been installed in areas such as factories to end the exploitation of factory workers. Though China’s economy depends on cheaper labor for exporting, the country is still putting in measures such as increasing worker pay to aid in giving workers a better life, with Shang-Hai receiving a wage increase, also having the highest minimum wage in the country.

China would like to propose that countries begin to integrate more A.I technology into lowering the exploitation of workers. China recognizes that not every country will be able to do this and does not wish to interfere with other nation’s sovereignty. China also believes that creating new laws to lower slavery in nations would also be beneficial to the cause of lowering worker exploitation. China would like to address that it will be difficult to implement major changes as the country greatly depends on cheaper labor for its economy and feels too much change will create issues with exportation. China hopes to find allies with the countries of the Russian Federation, Vietnam, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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