September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Inequality in International Criminal Prosecutions

Country: Nigeria
Delegate Name: Brayden Hart

Delegate: Brayden Hart
Country: Nigeria
Committee: Legal
Topic: Inequality of International Criminal Prosecutions

Nigeria has been a well known area of crime recently and supports the ICC fully. Nigeria, a country that sadly has taken a large toll on crime, is in support of the ICC and could use some certain crime to be taken to the ICC. Nigeria’s crime rates on all types of crime have risen in the past decade. For such a small country, our crime rates are similar and can compete with countries that have a population over one billion. Some countries are bound to have more crime than others and may need to be focused on. Seeing the crime that is upon the world currently, Nigeria thinks that it should be handled efficiently and equally, which is not the specific way that is being used at the moment.
Some of the main crimes that happen in Nigeria can include, human trafficking, drug trafficking, robbery, and terrorism. Some of these things are suspected to be apart of large organized crime groups. For example, Boko Haram is a group that has been known to kidnap, traffick, and take people hostage. The other main thing that has been done by this group is the amount of killing due to war crimes, terrorism, murders, and basically their proccess of attempting to overthrow the Nigerian government and creat an Islamic state. These crimes have many different ways to be combated and some can be effective if used in the right way. Some of the main things that should be focused on solving is the trafficking of humans and terrorism.
The inequality of the ICC is something that varies depending on what region and type of crime the International Criminal Court needs to handle. Focusing on one specific region, like Africa is focused on today, is the right idea, since there is lots of crime, but not the ideal way to solve this problem. One way that this problem can be handled is the authorization of military, investigation, or police personnel being used in a wider range of areas. The system of crime as a whole is something that should not be focused on one area, since the systems have advanced. For these reasons, Nigeria’s believes that the ICC should simply expand its jurisdiction and take action on more organizations, or personnel.