September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Food Instability and Political Crises

Country: Colombia
Delegate Name: Vincenzo Frattarelli

Delegate: Vincenzo Frattarelli
Country: Columbia
Committee: ESOSOC
Topic: Wealth Inequality

Food instability/insecurity is an issue mainly caused by three factors: natural disaster, trouble with importation, or problems with the pricing. Most of these factors are uncontrollable, with the exception of pricing, however we can set up barriers to insure the safety of people in case of these disasters. Some possible solutions could be setting up food banks nation-wide and providing the government with the ability to distribute food to its civilians.

Columbia has an organization dedicated to this problem. Columbia has a rather large hunger problem, due to both its natural disasters and its wealth issue. There has also been a recent influx of people from Venezuela given the crisis there, about 1.63 million people. The group Action Against Hunger has helped urban areas in Columbia, lifting about 115 thousand people. This does not solve the issue in more rural areas however. One of the solutions to this is the organization of Banco de Alimentos. This organization works to help lift hunger in urban areas by storing food in case of disaster, and distributing food through paid workers to malnourished children,

In conclusion, Columbia is doing much to help their unfortunate situation with food due to disaster and the flux of immigrants. A couple of these programs are Action Against Hunger and Banco de Alimentos. However, hunger is still a problem in this country. It is nearly impossible to fully solve this problem however, and Columbia is combatting it excellently.