September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Proliferation of Ballistic Missiles

Country: Philippines
Delegate Name: Colin Zaremski

In today’s modern world, ballistic missiles are becoming more commonly used
in warfare as they are fast, hard hitting rockets that leave devastating effects on their targets. Many countries possess ballistic missiles and they are used to hit military targets and defend their borders. Only having some of these weapons is understandable but having a ton can be interpreted as intimidation of sovereign states and can force them into submitting to power from a more dominant country. These ballistic missiles have forced many countries into action or have made the effects of war in a region more devastating.
The Philippines has been interested in getting some ballistic missiles from the US, South Korea, and other European and Asian allies to help defend themselves from increasing hostility from China and other hostile countries in the region. The Philippines would accept having long range missiles for self defense, but never having missiles with nuclear capabilities as that would violate our constitution and morales of our country. The Philippines has always been interested in having these types of missiles to defend the country and its people from foreign attack. The Philippines is a close ally of the US, South Korea, and Japan who all possess ballistic missiles, and have been working closely with these countries to try and secure some. These would be important for the defense and security of our country from hostile powers.
The Philippines supports the use of ballistic missiles for the use of self defense of a country. These weapons shouldn’t be used in any way to strike cities or arm them with nuclear capabilities as that would cause harm to everyone. These weapons should only be used as a last stand against attacking forces in an area to prevent the capture of a city or attack on the civilians.

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