September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Inequality in International Criminal Prosecutions

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Delegate Name: Adam Goudreau

Delegate:Adam Goudreau
Country:DR Congo
Committee: Legal
Topic: Inequality in international prosecutions

The International court is used as a last resort to try individuals for war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, and aggression this ICC very unequal for example the US, Russia, and China have all decided to not join the treaty which means they are not legally obligated to anything the ICC decides. Three of some of the biggest countries in the world all extremely likely to commit war crimes just decide to not join. Meanwhile, countries in Afrika like the Democratic Republic of Congo are getting constantly hit with crimes. The focus should be on the bigger countries which are more bound to committing these crimes.

Why should the ICC be allowed to prosecute poor small Afrikan countries and ignore the thousands of war crimes committed by the U.S., The Russian Federation, and People’s Republic of China. It Is possible that over 6,000 war crimes have been committed during the Ukrainian and Russian war but the ICC still ignores that and spends most of their time focusing on Afrika. Is it racial inequality? Is it economic inequality? Or is it both? Either way it needs to change. The United Nations must come together to put the focus on the real problems.

DR Congo feels that 1 big court (the ICC) is nowhere near enough in national justice systems; there is not just one big court to go over all problems. So The DR Congo would like to propose a new and improved treaty that is equal for all. The proposal must be signed by all Nations in order for equality. The treaty will consist of a court system for each continent. This will Seamlessly get rid of the inequality already seen in the ICC which is that it is centered around one continent. If only all the Nations could come together and for once stop being so selfish the world would be a way better place.

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