September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Food Instability and Political Crises

Country: Germany
Delegate Name: Juliana Lewis

Delegate: Juliana Lewis
Country: Germany
Committee: ECOSOC
Topic: Food instability and political crisis

The need for adequate food and political stability in our nations is one of the most prevalent issues worldwide. We as nations need to band together to look towards a brighter future for the sake of our citizens and their wellbeing. The WFP estimates that 345 million people worldwide will suffer from hunger in 2022 which is an astronomical amount. This can lead to higher mortality rates, and also a lack of trust within the governmental system set in place. How our nation’s leaders respond to crises such as this, is a pivotal aspect on how we can combat this epidemic. We must do our duty to our citizens and bridge the gap of instability with access to safe and healthy food and mend the political upheaval.
Germany has taken great strides in producing meaningful change with hunger and setting goals to further funding and accessibility to not only German citizens, but other neighboring countries in need. Like most countries, Germany too has a need for food stability but also looks to help others. The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine has been exacerbating the global hunger crisis for months. Germany and its partners are responding with aid programmes worth billions to support those in need of food. In total, in 2022, Germany will invest around 4 billion euros in humanitarian food aid and crisis-proof food systems. Germany has also provided around 1.2 billion euros for the World Food Programme.
Looking towards the future and the generations ahead, Germany has a plan to stop the epidemic of hunger and instability in specifically third world countries and nations affected by wars going on. Germany looks favorably upon a central goal of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development agreed in 2015 is to end hunger worldwide and achieve food security. Germany is particularly committed to sustainable agriculture, but also promotes agricultural research. Germany believes that the political instability will be dulled by the efforts to bridge the income gap and major world issues that the UN can help to solve. Germany looks highly towards countries such as France, the United States, United Kingdom, and other NATO countries to partner with to push for societal change.