September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Improving Maternal Health

Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Abby Grocki

The pressing issues involved in maternal healthcare are affecting women worldwide everyday. For women, maternal health includes the periods in time during a pregnancy, at childbirth, and during postnatal care. At any point during these stages could a woman suffer from serious complications without the help of medical care. 800 are women dying every day, and thousands with serious injuries resulted from the lack of quality maternal healthcare. Some of the factors leading to this could pertain to blood loss, infection, high blood pressure, and unsafe abortions. This committee must find a way to provide quality healthcare to these women to create a more equal state.

Maternal healthcare in Russia has overseen numerous changes especially during the past two decades. In 2012, Russia began registering births in a way to increase completeness and quality of possible future assessments. In addition new medical care systems have been introduced, designed to give women a 3-level form of care during the three stages of pregnancy. Hospitals have also changed the use of resources to work in patients in an environment suitable during the stages of pregnancy. However, Russia’s maternal health recently hit a low during the year of 2020. The spike in the maternal death rate about tripled in one year when it reached 34.5 per 100 thousand live births. There are approximately 5.7 specialists per 10,000 women, along with 8.1 midwives per 10,000 women. As of right now abortion in Russia is a legal option up to 12 weeks and in special cases during later periods. All these factors come into major connections with how well the nation’s healthcare for these women can be.

Russia does not wish to interfere with the national sovereignty of any other nation through the resolution process of improving maternal health. Russia would also be interested in proposing more specialist education to increase the ratio of specialists per patient to increase quality of care and time spent with each patient. In addition, looking at all the factors that cause serious injuries or even death to women in maternal health, the UN women can find ways to counteract some of the outcomes like blood pressure, infection, and blood loss by finding better ways to keep the environment hygienic while also using precise, safe practices. Russia looks forward to working with China, U.S., France, UK, and North Korea.

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