September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Access to Education for Women and Girls

Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Abby Grocki

Access to education for women and girls is a growing conflict around the world. Not only will resolving this issue be of benefit for the state of equality, but also economies worldwide. As there are 129 million girls without access to any of the three stages of education, gender gaps relating skills and perpetuating pay lead to economic structure failure without the roles of women in society. This can be detrimental to many nations especially keeping in mind those in any conflicting state. The UN has made progress in providing girls the three stages of education pertaining to each nation by including the topic in the sustainable development goals as a start.

While the Russian education system is fairly equal considering 37% of women have a higher education compared to men with only 29% having a higher education. Now while this is a step closer to equality, women still face gender biases, discrimination, and smaller salaries that are only 73% of a mans average salary in Russia. Keeping in mind the education system in Russia is coordinated by the government, tuition and fees and waiting lists can vary depending on the student. The primary, basic general, and secondary levels of education are all extremely competitive, and can be difficult for some to get in.

Russia does not wish to interfere with the national sovereignty of any other nation through the resolution process of access to education. But to look deeper into the content of what type of education the UN could be providing would be a great way to inform women and girls about health, financial aid, and any other subject that can provide them with a career. In order to change this, this committee will have to be able to take a closer look at curriculum for their nation concerning womens and girls accessibility. Also, Russia is looking forward to working with China, India, North Korea, and the U.S. to create the most beneficial and accessible education for women as possible.

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