September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Access to Education for Women and Girls

Country: Colombia
Delegate Name: Alex Vogel

Delegate: Alex Vogel
Country: Colombia
Committee: UN Women
Topic: Access to Education for Woman and Girls
Historically and in ongoing conflict across the world, woman and girls have been denied education, whether that education has been outright forbidden or made impossible, or made difficult or dangerous. While it remains a current issue, this is unacceptable. Initiatives to equal the representation and power in leadership positions have become increasingly outspoken in recent years- 50-50 by 2030, for example, a foundation apart of the University of Canberra in Australia. These initiatives focus on women in power, and are gaining traction because they are working together, presenting a united front. Colombia believes the best course of action in this instance is to work towards uniting and strengthening existing foundations and initiatives, rather than trying to create new ones. The framework is there, and strengthening that existing will provide a strong foundation for any further endeavors towards the equalizing of access to education for women and girls.
Colombia has progressed towards its goal of achieving a system of laws and public policies aimed at ensuring women’s rights and opportunities even as the country itself has been in turmoil. In fifty years of conflict, Colombia has become a hotbed for humanitarian aid, and while the country has somewhat stabilized in recent years, it will take quite a while for the country as a whole to return to a state of stability and safety. Even with this somewhat unstable footing, Colombia is endeavoring to make progress on many fronts, restrengthening the country and committing to the existing organization and strength of the nation, Since the adoption of the national roadmap towards gender equality in 2013, a national mechanism of coordination across sectors has been created to implement the roadmap.
In this endeavor to unify and strengthen the foundations and initiatives focused on closing the gap in education equality, Colombia is interested in participating in, partnering with, nurturing plans, and putting in the work to resolve this issue. Colombia does not wish to interfere with the sovereignty of any nation, and would be opposed to any plan which deprives any country of their right to assist, monitor, and nurture their own people. Colombia also urges countries that have made steps towards research, organization, and protective legislation to take initiative and offer insight into the steps that could be taken to make this path the smoothest and longest-lasting possible.

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