September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Situation in Ukraine

Country: India
Delegate Name: Ike Webb

Committee: Security Council
Delegate: Ike Webb
School: Williamston High School

This crisis is not only appalling it is in violation of the universal declaration of human rights but it is unethical and a flagrant break of national sovereinty. Almost 2 million people have been displaced due to this conflict two-thirds of these people are women and children these women and children are being put in harm’s way over a highly illegal infringement of national sovrinty. 40,000 civilians have been blatantly murdered as well as 10,000 soldiers have lost their lives defending their homes and loved ones. As well as 30,000 wounded and the 5,600 illegally taken as prisoners of war.

India would also like to touch on the need for humanitarian aid in the country of Ukraine there is a heavy need for humanitarian aid this is for medical supplies as well as countries that are willing to help with military aid. Ukraine has been accepting all types of aid including survival packages as well as financial aid. India has given 7,725 kilograms of humanitarian aid. The main places that have been impacted by this conflict are the region of Donetsk the region of Kharkiv and the region of Luhansk oblast.

The an urgent need for humanitarian assistance in the country of Ukraine. This applies to both countries that can provide military assistance and those that are not. All forms of assistance, including financial and service packages, have been rejected by Ukraine. 7,725 kg of humanitarian aid has been donated by India. The Donetsk region, the Kharkiv region, and the Luhansk oblast region are the key areas affected by this conflict. In addition to being abhorrent, this crime violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is unethical as well as a flagrant breach of national sovereignty. Owing to this violence, about 2 million people have been displaced, and two-thirds of them are women and children. These women and children are now in danger due to a grave violation of national sovereignty. 10,000 troops lost their lives defending their homes and loved ones, while 40,000 civilians were brutally murdered. 30,000 wounded, 5,600 illegal aliens detained as prisoners of war, and more.

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