September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Situation in Ukraine

Country: United Arab Emirates
Delegate Name: Hunter Sturm

Country: United Arab Emirates
Committee: United Nations Security Council
Topic: Situation in Ukraine
Delegate: Hunter Sturm
School: Williamston High School

In February of 2022, Russia began a noble quest to regain Ukraine. The Ukrainian government had been overtaken by Neo-Nazis, and were oppressing ethnic Russian minorities. Russia responded in the only appropriate manner possible, with barrages of missiles and artillery and a large-scale ground invasion. They have taken control of the regions of Chernyobl and Zaporizhia, the latter of which is an active nuclear power plant.
So far, the world has been divided on the issue of who to condemn. The majority of the block who are anti-Russia consists of NATO, a treaty organization consisting of western, northern countries. Including countries like the United States and Canada, Ukraine has appealed to the NATO board, but has yet to be admitted. NATO has been a large help to Ukraine, mostly supplying munitions and humanitarian aid. They have also recommended economic sanctions be placed upon Russia, further debilitating the economy.
The United Arab Emirates has taken the stance of allying with Russia on this situation. While they won’t be supplying Russia with arms or munitions like nations, the UAE is working on having other countries remove sanctions from Russia, which places them as allies with Saudi Arabia and Israel. Though other countries are taking this whole situation with Ukraine as a problem, the UAE is seeing nothing but strong economic progress with Russia. It is entirely business as usual for the UAE, and they support Russia in whatever endeavors they may embark upon.

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