September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Repatriation of Refugees

Country: China
Delegate Name: Olivia Bryan

Olivia Bryan
Williamston High School
Human Rights Council
Repatriation of Refugees

The refugee crisis has been and is an ongoing issue. The UNHCR, an organization founded in the 1950’s to help immigrants, is at the forefront of this issue. There are currently around 110 million dislocated people around the world. While the UNHCR does the best they can resettling and dealing with the refugees, there are still issues that the HRC can acknowledge.
Specifically within refugee areas there are limited resources.

China currently has around 303,107 refugees hosted within the country. China has a growing interest in the help of refugees and has increased funding to UN refugee organizations. As well as that China works with the UNHCR to provide asylum to those seeking it. The UNHCR works on China’s mainland to bring in and relocate refugees. China has established the National Immigration Association to help incoming immigrants and refugees.

As a solution China would be willing to discuss the immigration and refugee laws currently in place. China does have strict laws on refugees due to governmental ideals. However, China would be willing to work with all countries that are willing to discuss the issue. China would propose potential increases in the amount of refugees admitted to each country, as well as a separate organization beyond UNHRC dedicated to repatriation of the refugees.


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