September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Informal Settlements

Country: Denmark
Delegate Name: Juliet Guenther

Delegate: Juliet Guenther
Committee: UNDP
Topic: Informal Settlements

As the world’s population continues to become more urban the issue of informal settlements is becoming more of a threat to not meeting sustainable development goal 11. Since the population of the world is projected to continue to get more urban the issue cannot be ignored by any organization. This problem impacts over half of the people in this world as informal settlements are non-sustainable, crime-ridden, and unhygienic. This problem requires action from the United Nations to bring a solution to all nations. This is the overall problem of informal settlements.
The Kingdom of Denmark completely recognizes the severity of informal settlements. This is apparent as the Kingdom of Denmark has remarkably eradicated this problem from our fortunate circumstances. The stable government and democracy of the Kingdom of Denmark have allowed many acts to be passed regarding this issue and bringing social housing. In regards to the Kingdom of Denmark, informal settlements are eradicated from this nation. With this issue conquered in our lands, we have aided other countries in need. For example, the Kingdom of Denmark has bought carbon credits from Bangladesh that were earned from them creating more sustainable developments. The Kingdom of Denmark has many other examples of them sharing their innovative solutions with multiple nations across the world.
The Kingdom of Denmark will continue to be helpful to developing countries in their pursuit of development. This will also go along with suggesting strategies to improve informal settlements and implement them in regulatory bodies. The Kingdom of Denmark hopes to find other developed nations that have addressed the problem and are willing to give aid to developing nations. While acknowledging the risks by exploring ways to reduce risks for investors while also giving incentives in the first place for investment. That is how the Kingdom of Denmark is going to respond to informal settlements in the United Nations Development Programme.

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