September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Worker Protection From Labor Exploitation

Country: Denmark
Delegate Name: Juliet Guenther

Delegate: Juliet Guenther
Committee: UNDP
Topic: Worker Protection from Labor Exploitation

Labor exploitation has been an issue in every country for as long as society has existed. If this issue doesn’t get the attention it deserves, people will be paid less, and have worse working conditions that can result in increased deaths in the workplace. This issue is getting worse in even developed countries as issues like COVID-19, worsening natural disasters, and increasing use of AI in the workspace cause people to lose jobs. When unemployment increases people are more likely to take on exploitative jobs as they are desperate for income. This problem is present from the bottom of the barrel up to Wall Street, it cannot go unaddressed.
The Kingdom of Denmark has had a long history of Unions protecting our people’s rights. This land is world renowned for the rights of its workers and has been a very active partner of the International Labour Organization (ILO). The Kingdom of Denmark has shown its cooperation and eagerness to further worker’s rights on the international stage. This is proven by the ILO themselves “Denmark has ratified all ten Fundamental Conventions, the four Priority Conventions, and 59 Technical Conventions” (ILO). The Kingdom of Denmark has put the protection of our workers on such importance.
The Kingdom of Denmark believes in finding innovative solutions to tackle problems, and we want to help countries across the world find ways to protect their workers from exploitation. The Kingdom of Denmark will definitely look to other European Union countries for help in the construction of a healthy resolution paper. The ideal paper for the Kingdom of Denmark would put heavy importance on regulating and enforcing regulations across a nation.
The Kingdom of Denmark will do what they can to promote other countries to protect their workers from exploitation.

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