September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Situation in Afghanistan

Country: United Kingdom
Delegate Name: Emily Preston

Country: United Kingdom
Committee: Security Council
Topic: The Situation in Afghanistan
Delegate: Emily Preston
School: Williamston High School

Afghanistan has been under its own rule since 1919, after being freed from UK’s rule. Ever since then it has been a mix of a democratic country and a country that operates under Sharia law. However, due to the recent Taliban takeover, the economic system and safety of Afghanistan’s populous has become incredibly unstable. Over 35,000 citizens have fled the country since January 2021, creating a serious immigration crisis. The country has numerous terrorist groups, the Taliban has begun selling land, displacing more people, and a country-wide famine is leaving the already weak country wasting away. Between November 2020 and March 2021, an estimated 13.15 million people were in severe acute food insecurity and needed to require urgent humanitarian assistance, not to mention 8.52 million people in the “Crisis” area of food instability, and 4.3 million people in the “Emergency” food instability category. There are an estimated 15 groups of terrorists all working in Afghanistan, both in constant conflict with each other and innocent civilians. How can the United Nations Security Council balance all of these issues at once without the mass fatalities?
As of October 5th, 2021; United Kingdom diplomats have started a series of conversations with the Taliban leaders. While there were many differences shared between the two sides, the UK desires nothing more than for the people of Afghanistan to have the same rights, opportunities and safeties that those in the western world possess. It is absolutely imperative that we as the United Nations Security Council act rationally and do not repeat the same mistakes that have been committed in the past few years. There needs to be a delicate balance of cooperation and negotiation, if we disrupt this balance it could endanger the lives of innocent civilians. We cannot tolerate of these acts of terrorism, yet we must act with the utmost caution.
The refugee crisis is the UK’s first priority, and in order to solve this the UK suggests that all countries should take in an additional 500 – 2,000 refugees from Afghanistan. If these countries accept the minimum number of refugees, they will be rewarded with trade benefits and funds from the UK along with any other country that wishes to contribute. Benefits would be proportional to refugee accommodation. To show the UK’s commitment, we pledge to take in 1,500 refugees as a show of good faith. Regarding the current food famine and instability of Afghanistan, the UK would like to take a slightly unorthodox approach to the matter. The UK is in current talks with the Taliban, and we believe that we can use this to our advantage. The UK plans to begin trading talks with the Taliban, allowing essential materials to be given to the country under the condition that the UK have oversight in the distribution and use of these goods.Secondary solutions could be created in the case of collapse of these trade talks. The UK also advises that the UNSC exercise restraint when interacting with the Taliban, our biggest priority is to keep the people of Afghanistan safe and suggests that we keep a cordial yet cold relationship with the Taliban, interacting with them only when we must give aid to the people of Afghanistan. We as a committee must also be keeping an incredibly close eye on other Terrorist groups in the nation, as this tumultuous transition of power only increases Terrorist activity. The UK is apprehensive to send covert agents of any kind to trail organizations like the ISIS-K, but if given no other choice the UK is prepared to send surveillance and use our many resources to get information. Overall, this situation will not be easy to solve. We as the United Nations Security Council must act swiftly yet delicately as to not shatter an already unstable country. No matter the governments’ state, we must do what’s right for the people of Afghanistan and the UK is more than willing to work with close allies to solve this issue.

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