September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Proliferation of Ballistic Missiles

Country: Nigeria
Delegate Name: Cale Pederson

Delegate: Cale Pederson
Country: Nigeria
Committee: DISEC
Topic: Proliferation of Ballistic Missiles
The UN has been talking about ratifying the non peaceful use of ballistic missiles. As Well as creating multilateral treaties between different countries as the non peaceful use of ballistic missiles is very deadly and is said to be one of the most destructive weapons in the world as of right now. Much of the problem is the larger countries having the access and threat of weapons of mass destruction. Although there are some treaties between subject countries, the UN hopes that they can unify multiple different countries and work together to help this growing cause of the dangerous missiles that are so predominant in the world right now.
Nigeria is considered to be a nuclear weapon free state, with this they do not use forces such as ballistic missiles and weapons of that nature. Nigeria as well does not have the stability to create or use such weapons as they are not an economically strong nation, so it would not be smart to use or create weapons of this sort. They have signed with the UN to help stop the spread of nuclear weapons and to not use these missiles harmfully. Nigeria does believe that they should help stop the growing life of ballistic missiles and be able to find a multilateral agreement throughout the UN and possibly throughout the entire world. With this not being set 100% into place Nigeria has created anti ballistic and other anti missile devices to try and prevent even a threat of such nature. Nigeria is not the only country without mass weapons of destruction, most every country besides South Africa and Egypt do not have a recorded ballistic missile to threaten with. This could just be the problem of bigger countries having these resources that cause such devastation not only on the one country it is used on but even those around the world.
With Nigeria not being able to support the creation of ballistic missiles or being able to host them they would like to help with the stop of non peaceful use of ballistic missiles. With this Nigeria would like to stop or even just limit the non peaceful use of ballistic missiles. Nigeria can help stop the spread and proliferation of ballistic missiles throughout the world as they can cause mass harm and disruption to many people and countries through their use. Although non peaceful use should be prohibited we do believe that peaceful use for sciences and research should be useful and used if they do desire but not compromising the non peaceful use. So overall Nigeria believes it can introduce plans to help protect peaceful use of ballistic missiles while at the same time having the threat of non peaceful use commendable and be able to reach agreements through the world that might stop the spread of the harmful use of ballistic and weapons of mass destruction.

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