September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Arctic Circle Resource Exploitation

Country: Nigeria
Delegate Name: Juliet Guenther

Delegate: Juliet Guenther
Country: Federal Republic of Nigeria
Committee: SPECPOL
Topic: Arctic Circle Resource Exploitation

The world’s depleting resources and the arctics’ unused resources are attracting international attention. The arctic has a large amount of the world’s natural gas, and oil reserves. The countries that form the Arctic Five (A5) own territory in the arctic, these countries include the United States, Canada, Russia, Norway, and Denmark. Non-Arctic states are seeing interest in the land claims in this region. The A5 want to split any discovered reserves amongst themselves. This creates disputes within the A5 and conflict between Non-Arctic and A5 states.
Countries have the right to extract natural resources from their territory. The Federal Republic of Nigeria believes that if any one country can prove its claim of the territory it should be able to extract the natural resources in that territory, and no outer institution should restrict that right. This will also include the 350 nautical miles from the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea which the Federal Republic of Nigeria has signed.
The Federal Republic of Nigeria will seek to allow the countries in the A5 to use their resources how they intend on using them. In addition, the Federal Republic of Nigeria will support a policy that makes international shipping in the arctic better. Policy restricting the large use of these resources will likely be opposed by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Federal Republic of Nigeria will also look for more efficient methods to solve territorial disputes, such as validating land claims and communication. The Federal Republic of Nigeria will seek allyship with other countries that have an interest in natural resources, and shipping capabilities, such as Russia.