September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Situation in Tigray

Country: Viet Nam
Delegate Name: Mikayla Lomas

The situation in Tigray, Ethiopia is one in dire need of a solution. Fighting between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Ethiopian government had broken out in October of 2020. These fights were over postponed elections and banks in the region of Tigray that were frozen. In 2020, the TPLF attacked the new government that was put in place after the elections in 2018 led them to lose their power. In response to the attacks by the TPLF the Ethiopian government conducted internal attacks using their military as a response. TPLF held a governmental rule for 30 years until 2018, but within these years the governmental system set up endangered hostile actions towards the Tigray ethnic population. Since the attacks started in 2020, the situation has gotten much worse, with many people being dispersed from their homes and land, as well as the status of aid supplies that are being provided to the area. As a result of the situation in Tigray, its neighboring countries like Sudan and Eritrea are experiencing an influx of refugees from Ethiopia. This has resulted its neighboring countries like Sudan to increase its border security, especially in places where terror groups are present. There has already been an extreme amount of violence and bloodshed throughout the region, not including the amount of dispersed people, the United Nations Security Council needs to act swiftly and efficiently in solving this conflict.
With how the violence in the region has grown and the growing stability issues, Vietnam believes that if the United Nations Security Council does not put an end to this the parties involved are on a point of no return. Along with the growing humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia, Vietnam supports the use of humanitarian aid when there are favorable conditions to get the aid to people who need access.
Vietnam is in full support of sending humanitarian aid to the country when the United Nations Security Council sees that there are safe and favorable conditions for those involved. Ethiopia to help those that are being affected by this situation. Along with the humanitarian aid being sent we would like to help restore public services to those who have had such services cut off, working with the local people and government to help the citizens of their country survive and be safe. To help gain cooperation from both sides, humanitarian aid will be given to all people, as long as they do not bring violence or violent intentions with them. While keeping the sovereignty and political independence of Ethiopia as well as full compliance of international law, Vietnam welcomes the idea of a joint investigation between the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and Ethiopian Human Rights Commision into the (alleged) human rights violations and abuse happening in the country, Vietnam does not want to see any more violence than what there already is, let us come together to solve this issue as the United Nations Security Council.

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