September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Fire Prevention and Response

Country: Viet Nam
Delegate Name: Olivia Bryan

Country: Viet Nam
Committee: UNDP (ECOSOC)
Topic: Fire Prevention and Response
Delegate: Olivia Bryan
School: Williamston High School

The issue of wildfires globally has recently been a pressing concern especially in light of recent climatic events. Each year around 33,000 people die due to wildfires. In addition, wildfires burn approximately 865 million acres of land every year. The money spent to rehabilitate the land and buildings taken down in each fire can reach the billions. For certain countries this can be devastating to their economy. In 2020 the world saw one of the worst wildfires seasons its seen in a very long while. The United Nations must decide whether or not to take action against this growing threat.

Vietnam’s Investment in this issue is high due to the fires that burn several thousand hectares of land each year. Vietnam feels that the fire prevention and response topic is an issue that should be discussed at length. Vietnam has a firefighting system in place and uses it to its full extent. As well as the firefighting system Vietnam has a series of laws that state the regulation and plans for its fire safety and prevention. Vietnam is prepared to improve their firefighting system in order to prevent future disasters.

In response to this issue Vietnam would propose bettering its internal fire prevention system and plans on working towards a goal of a safer system. Vietnam believes other countries should make this a main policy as part of a global movement to better the future of the world.Vietnam asks the U.N. to work together to create a global agreement to make fire prevention and response a main focus throughout the world. Vietnam would be interested in working with countries such as the U.S, Brazil, and Indonesia who have also been hit extremely hard by the fire’s.

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