September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Situation in Afghanistan

Country: Viet Nam
Delegate Name: Mikayla Lomas

Country: Vietnam
Committee: Security Council
Topic: The Situation in Afghanistan
Delegate: Mikayla Lomas
School: Williamston High School

For the past 20 years there has been constant conflict in Afghanistan. From the placement of coalition forces from other countries occupying the land. In 2001, NATO allies entered the country of Afghanistan with the goal of making sure the country does not become a “safe-haven” for terrorists. The Resolute Support Mission (RSM) was created and launched in 2018, with the focus of building up the Afghan forces to protect the country. In 2021 all RSM and coalition forces withdrew from Afghanistan. The forces and government the RSM built up were toppled down in a very short amount of time. The Taliban is in control of the Afghan country now, having set up its own governmental cabinet and enforcing its own ideals throughout the country with its new rule. Years of manpower and resources down the drain. As the United Nations Security Council it is our job to address issues like this.
Vietnam is proud to have been and still in support of many resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council. As history would show, in the 1950s, Vietnam went through a similar situation as the one at hand. Though the geographical features may be different as well as the battle at hand being different, the overall situation is similar. Let us esteemed group of delegates representing these great nations a part of the United Nations Security Council not let history repeat itself and address this pressing issue at hand with great efficiency and diplomacy.
Vietnam believes that one of the utmost priorities in this situation is ensuring and maintaining order as well as security to all of those in Afghanistan currently. The United Nations has passed Resolution 2593 of the Security Council, Vietnam strongly encourages Afghanistan to follow the terms and regulations set in this resolution. The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is exponentially high, affecting 50% of the population (18 million people). This issue at hand should also be seen as a priority by the United Nations Security Council, we would like to call upon the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) to aid with ensuring the security and safety of all personnel who are a part of the mission of aiding the Afghan people in need. We ask the relevant parties in Afghanistan to give their full cooperation during the humanitarian missions as well as aid in creating secure and safe conditions for the UNAMA to complete their mission(s). These missions do not intend to cause violence or harm to any, instead they promote the opposite, with the main goal of helping the Afghan people and well being of the country. As the members of the United Nations Security Council we are given much power to solve these issues at hand. Let us all come together as a group to with a resolution that will solve the situation in Afghanistan.