September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Israel-Palestine

Country: Viet Nam
Delegate Name: Isaac Webb

Country: Vietnam
Committee: SPECPOL
Topic: Israel Palestine
Delegate: Isaac Webb
School: Williamston High School

There are many issues regarding this topic but the most pressing issue is the evermore rising tensions in Israel and Palestine from the century-old war that has claimed many lives of not only soldiers but innocent citizens. Like the 26-year-old man from Palestine that was shot by Israeli forces in a bank after there was a scuffle in the town and when Israeli soldiers tried to break it up one of the men shot and it struck Saddam in the shoulder and heart killing him. In the future, nothing like this should happen. This is one of the many reasons we need to solve this as fast as possible. As well as 13,969 lives 87% of those deaths have been Palestinian which is devastating to the Palestinian government and people.

Vietnam is currently in full support of the two-state solution to the current problem regarding this topic. Vietnam is willing to support Palestine in this conflict and would be open to considering Israel’s suggestions. Vietnam has been binding their relations in this region of the world as well as gaining closer relations with both Israel and Palestine even more so in recent years. Vietnam does not have any ideas or objections to what is currently happening.

Vietnam would poteshaly be interested in resolving or helping fix some of the issues in Israel and Palestine. There are some countries that we would look more favorably upon working with and resolving these issues. Vietnam would be open to working with Russia, Cuba, India, and Laos. Vietnam would also be interested in working with Japan South Korea the United States of America as well as China

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