September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Autonomous Weapon Systems

Country: Viet Nam
Delegate Name: Thien Truong-Phan

Autonomous weapon systems may seem like a new idea due to the advancement in technology, however, this is not true. These ideas of having unmanned weapons have been in existence for ages. There is no concrete definition of “automated weapon systems,” but the term generally refers to weapon systems that are able to function without human intervention. This means that autonomous weapon systems can be anything from simple booby traps to high tech unmanned drones. Autonomous weapon systems can cause lots of damage, intended or not. This is where they push the ethical and moral limits to the edge. Unintended deaths could happen. Civilian deaths to lethal traps around the world are not uncommon. This is not okay and should be dealt with.

Vietnam, being a country which has only recently industrialized, has not yet made or passed any laws regarding the more high-tech autonomous weapon systems such as aerial drones or turrets. Vietnam has however, done many things against other types of autonomous weapons such as traps and mines. Vietnam between 1955 and 1975 was having a civil war, with the US joining in to assist the South. During this conflict many traps were made and placed by both parties: the Viet Cong with their lethal booby traps and the US with its landmines. After the fighting ended, the traps set were never cleared or detonated, leaving many areas to be hazardous. Vietnam now has a number of groups that are dedicated to clearing fields of landmines and traps to make Vietnam a safer place.

Vietnam plans to combat this problem in the future by working together with other countries to regulate the usage and creation of autonomous weapon systems. Vietnam is allied with big countries such as the US and China and will be looking to restrict the usage of high-tech autonomous weapon systems. Vietnam is also looking to clear and eliminate all of the traps from the Vietnam War. Vietnam will work with any other country like China and Russia who wish to minimize the usage of autonomous weapons in wars unless necessary, but not stop development of new technologies.

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