September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Right to Peaceful Protest

Country: Belarus
Delegate Name: Celina Du

The Republic of Belarus condemns the violent protests conducted by political dissidents led by Maria Kolesnikova. Civil unrest has resulted from the demonstrations. It is the duty of the government to ensure the safety of all citizens. When citizens threaten the country’s concord, the government will take necessary measures to protect the large majority of citizens who are politically satisfied with the current leader. In fact, the election results of 2020 indicate that 80% of the citizens of Belarus approve of our leader. We also verify the outcome as fair and square.

Belarus was formed upon freedom to protest in its revolution 27 years ago. We believe it is a human right to be able to stand up to unfairness. We have witnessed many instances of peaceful protest, and we as the government have taken these complaints seriously and into account. However, there is a high risk of violence when hundreds of angry individuals march together. Action is to be taken by the police to ensure that nothing dangerous and harmful to the citizens will happen. This must be done before the violence onstarts. Any action taken after the violence escalates will be too late and can potentially be destructive.

The republic of Belarus has already passed legislation prohibiting “extremism,” as a way to preserve tranquility in our nation. Offenders will be placed into prison up to seven years. In addition, publication of false information will be condemned and removed from the internet. Assault on the police will be considered a heavy offense. Our police serve the people, and the people should not sabotage the police.

Unfortunately, many individuals still choose to conduct barbarous crimes against the police, often ending up with severely harmed victims. We the government arrest these criminals hoping to ensure only non-violent protesting.

The UN has regrettably sympathized with our protesters. The repercussions have been calamitous. The rioters have become emboldened and are increasingly attacking our police; the safety of our citizens is now at high risk. The UN has hindered our nation’s security.

Belarus kindly suggests a mutual understanding between the UN and itself, that it has not inhibited the human right to peaceful protest, but only tries to refrain the conflicts from intensifying. Countries who highly value the safety of their citizens like Russia, China, could probably agree. We as the government would never risk the freedom of our citizens.

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