September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Limits of Diplomatic Immunity

Country: Jordan
Delegate Name: Haiden Korhorn

Diplomatic immunity is the immunity of diplomats against civil laws. This gives immunity to diplomats meaning they will be protected from prosecution while under the title of a diplomat. Jordan’s views on Diplomatic Immunity are in relation to its allies such as the Unties States. Back in 1949, Jordan and the U.S. decided to share diplomatic relations meaning they were both aiming for peace. The U.S. helped take care of Jordan during this time from 1949-1967 by helping keep its economy stable and protect it from enemies.
Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Jordan had a hard time with their diplomacy. Since Jordan has good ties with Europe, they couldn’t intervene in the war which made them have to make decisions for themselves. They evacuated thousands of Jordanians from Ukraine while Russia invaded. Jordan later had to fight the urge to harm its diplomacy by not voting against Russia in the U.N. Jordan has had a hard time since the beginning of that to picking a side and chose who to stay loyal to. While they didn’t want to speak out and say whose side they were on, they were forced to stay quiet and stay neutral for their own safety since they have allies with the United States, Russia, and a lot of other European countries.
Another one of Jordan’s allies is Isreal. They had a small war a few decades back but since then their relations have gotten better. A shooting in Isreal in 2017 that led to two dead Jordanians made them question each other’s relations. Isreal invoked diplomatic immunity so that the shooter had immunity and couldn’t be questioned nor sent over to Jordan because of this incident.
Right now Jordan is sitting in a neutral position to not upset any of their really close allies to start anything they cannot finish. Jordan is relying on the United States to help make decisions and assist when needed. When it comes to diplomatic immunity, Jordan has had problems with it because of the Isreal situation but Jordan has refused to break any laws and has decided to keep it peaceful to not cause any tension with anyone.

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