September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Improvised Explosive Devices

Country: Afghanistan
Delegate Name: Marcos Calderon

Committee: Disarmament and International Security
Topic: Improvised Explosive Devices

IEDs have five parts while created which are a switch, an initiator, container, charge
and a power source. There are many types of IEDs used around the world that can be much more high risk than others. One thing in common is that all of them are risky one way or another. Many countries are constantly interested in IEDs since they can help with the country’s protection and attacks. Countries have invested in them since the very beginning, making a ton of money for them.
The Taliban’s choice of weapon includes heavily of IEDs. It has become the Taliban’s favorite weapon while attacking Afghanistan. In only five years the Taliban had planted over 16,000 IEDs around the country. It has come to the point where many don’t notice and are killed from the plantation of the IEDs around Afghanistan. During 2004 and 2009, an estimated amount of 7,000 Afghans were either killed or severely injured. In a successful attempt to assassinate one tribal leader, a suicide bomber wreaked havoc at a dog-fighting meet outside Kandahar, killing or injuring more than 100 bystanders. In September 2007, another strike near markets in Helmand province caused the lives of roughly 70 civilians. When the country voted for a new president on three consecutive days the largest number of IED attacks happened. The Taliban had promised to sabotage the election, and between 33 and 37 IEDs were put on each of the three days, killing or injuring at least 100 coalition and Afghan supporters. Several attacks on polling places and workers were made.
IEDs have granted not only the Taliban but Afghans an advantage over others. Data shows how IEDs are a huge cause of death in Afghanistan. Many of the attacks have been on purpose to hurt Afghans only making the charts go higher every year. It has been only 7 years with IEDs in Afghanistan and over 8,000 Afghans have died. According to the logs, 8,582 Taliban IEDs were discovered and cleared, but 7,553 exploded successfully.
Helping the Taliban with IEDs could cost a huge sum of money. The Taliban already have bought around 8,852 and usual IEDs cost around 20,000 making the Taliban already wasting 171,640,000 money down the drain. IEDs also can be “homemade” and considering Afghanistan as a rather poor country, the Taliban have most definitely wasted around 85,820,000. If the Taliban wanted to have 8,0000 more in the next few years, ultimately in total starting from 2004, they would be wasting more than 1,000,000,000 money for IEDs showing how much money they would spend and take from Afghanistan.

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