September 16, 2019
 In Situation in Myanmar

Country: Japan
Delegate Name: Alexander Vogel

Japan is dedicated to the United Nations Charter and resolutions brought about by the efforts of all member nations in the effort to preserve and maintain peace. As a member of the United Nations Security Council for the duration of this term, Japan recognizes the great responsibility it has in addressing the issues set before the Security Council. Developing a solution for the displaced citizens, executions and arbitrary detention of activists and politicians in the opposition of the military occupying Myanmar, as well as the human rights violations that have been observed in Myanmar, are major priorities for the country of Japan. To quote United States Security Council resolution 2669 (2021)- “Expressing further deep concern at all forms of violence across the country, and attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure, including educational, health and energy infrastructure and facilities, and attacks on businesses and public properties … Recalling its condemnation of the execution of activists in July 2022 and reiterating its deep concern at the ongoing arbitrary detention of State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint, among others”. Intentions on this front have been made clear, framework laid- and now the Council has met to strengthen what has been laid out and create a united front in confronting this issue. And to quote the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in a publication from 2020- “While advocating the perspective for building bridges in Asia and protecting the socially vulnerable, Japan will contribute to improving the human rights situation around the world”. Japan is dedicated to cooperating with the member nations present in this endeavor to solve the issues brought before us today, but remains an ardent supporter of national sovereignty and preserving the dignity of any nations involved in these conflicts. In light of the known violations of human rights occurring in both the civilian life in Myanmar, as well as those occurring at the hands of the military responsible for the coup, Japan will continue to dedicate itself to the people affected by these infringements, as both an act of compassion as well as a recognition of responsibility that all members nations present hold, as outlined in the United Nations Charter, something we are all subject to, as it would do us well to remember as we continue to proceed in the coming hours and days.
To further strengthen the position Japan observes in this issue, Japan would like to firmly encourage a resolution that focuses most on the protection of the inhabitants Myanmar as well as surrounding areas of conflict, rather than something borne of vengeance or misplaced duty. It is the duty of all member states present today to serve and protect the people we find in our care, and to bring peace to them. These people are suffering, and we have convened here today to help them.
Japan would again like to emphasize the importance of building further upon existing resolutions and supplementing, rather than doing our best to solve all the world’s problems in one resolution. We’re here to lean on each other and work together.

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