September 16, 2019
 In Situation in Myanmar

Country: France
Delegate Name: Blake Beckhorn

The matter of stability and security is essential to all states, in order to function in a way that best allows its citizens to live in peace. The United Nations Security Council is especially equipped to help preserve every nation’s harmony, to peacefully resolve disputes as was its original purpose. The situation in Myanmar is a prime example of a conflict that requires the attention of the Security Council, in order to stabilize the nation, in order to end the toll on its citizens. In February of 2021, a coup d’état by the Myanma military suddenly and forcefully removed the democratic heads of state, thus plunging the nation into a state of civil unrest and warfare. In addition to the removal of these government officials, the now ruling military junta declared the earlier occurring 2021 elections as invalid. Since then, The Nation of Myanmar has not regained its democracy, and the presiding military junta continues to exert force over civilians that simply wish for democracy and the end of conflict.

France has long considered itself a champion of democracy, as the history of France tells the story of its people rising up in opposition to a government that does not support its people. France stands in solidarity with the Myanma people in their basic right of democracy. France has supported efforts by the European Union to provide humanitarian aid, having given millions of euros to support clean water, nutrition and sanitation, among other immediate needs. President Macron stated France’s commitment to supporting Myanmar and its people best “France calls for an immediate end to repression” along with “We are by your side.”

France hopes to create resolutions centered around the promotion of democracy in Myanmar, along with continued humanitarian aid. The Military Junta in power cannot continue its oppression of the Myanma people. This council must act swiftly to preserve the rights of the Myanma people to determine their own government in Myanmar. These issues must be resolved through de-escalation within Myanmar to end its civil conflict, as well as cooperation with the United Nations’ High Commissioner on Human Rights in order to put an end to such abuses. France hopes to join together not only with members of this council, but alongside democratic Myanma government leaders.

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