September 16, 2019
 In Situation in Myanmar

Country: Ecuador
Delegate Name: Colin Zaremski

Committee: UNSC
Country: Ecuador
Delegate: Colin Zaremski
Topic: Situation in Myanmar

Currently right now in the country of Myanmar there is a current military dictatorship controlling the country. The country fell into a military dictatorship after the coup in February, 2021 and the human rights situation has gotten terrible with the country falling to a civil war of the military fighting pro-democracy forces. Poverty has gone up and caused a massive immigrant issue for the countries that neighbor Myanmar such as: India, Bangladesh, Thailand, and China with many immigrants seeking asylum in these countries.
Ecuador has been making steps to help pass human right resolutions and have helped the UN support giving aid to those who are caught in violence in Myanmar. Ecuador has helped advocate for human right support in Myanmar. Ecuador has helped give aid and support the UN by their ratification of core human rights conventions. Ecuador has also helped with passing many resolutions that support human rights in Myanmar. With the current state of the people Ecuador intends on helping give more support to the UN so the UN can continue to help give humanitarian aid to those who’ve been displaced by the current civil war involving the deaths of many.
Ecuador intends on supporting those who are being forced into a bad financial and physical state by this civil war. Ecuador plans to send financial and humanitarian aid to those who need it in Myanmar. Ecuador will help pass resolutions that will help give aid to those who’ve been displaced and injured by the civil war in Myanmar. Ecuador will not stop fighting for the aid and support of the people most affected and the most needy.

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