September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Limits of Diplomatic Immunity

Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Micaela Story

Since the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the limitations on diplomatic immunity have remained relatively the same. The overall intent of the agreement reached by the convention was to efficiently ensure peaceful and friendly relations between states while respecting the rights and wishes of individual states. However, in recent years tensions between countries over the limitations of diplomatic immunity have arisen and it is becoming increasingly clear that the terms agreed upon at the Vienna Convention are no longer satisfactory for this day and age. Although most countries present at the convention have ratified the agreement, many states had declarations and reservations about doing so. Maintaining diplomatic relations and understanding the motivations of countries is more important than ever, especially in today’s political climate.

Russia was among the many countries that held objections to the treaty concerning the principality of equal rights of states in Article 11 paragraph 1. The Russian Federation believes any disagreement regarding the size of a diplomatic mission should be settled between the sending and receiving countries and not a third party. Russia also objects to the discriminatory implications of Articles 48 and 50 which preclude several states from acceding. The Russian Federation also believes these articles go against the principle of equal sovereignty in that they unlawfully bar other states from acceding to a convention that affects all states. The Russian Federation takes the treatment of its diplomats very seriously and strives to maintain consulates and embassies across the globe. Keeping in mind current events, the Russian Federation is outraged at the dismissive treatment of its diplomats by several European nations. The intention of diplomacy is to encourage channels of peaceful communication between states, and it is simply not possible to do that if states refuse to communicate with each other. As to the limitations of immunity, Russia believes that diplomats need to be protected now more than ever and that includes their immunity. Anything that makes it easier for diplomats to progress their missions needs to be pushed and any future limitations of immunity should be up to individual countries and not the UN.

Russia hopes that all of our nations will be able to work together to create a modernized agreement that upholds the values and principles of diplomacy, while still respecting the right of states to manage their own diplomatic affairs. The Russian Federation would also like to ensure that states have the freedom to make the decision of whether or not to waive the immunity of its diplomats at their own discretion and that the UN does not overstep its boundaries. Russia will continue to advance its diplomatic missions across the globe, and looks forward to working with the many nations it has diplomatic relations with across Africa and Asia.

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