September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Limits of Diplomatic Immunity

Country: Turkey
Delegate Name: Ellie Thorburn

Diplomats have immunity to international law-making them able to do their jobs with their freedom, independence, and security. This limits individuals from other countries or organizations to be sued or prosecuted under the laws where they are being posted. This also immunes families from courts or civil courts. Host countries or states can limit the number of immunity diplomats can get every different from each country. However, the number of immunity diplomats can get can fuse tensions from other countries and can create problems.
Turkey is striving to avoid hierarchical relations with other countries. Political authorities in Turkey have been hard at work and have made high political and economic costs to maintain the country’s government. Ten countries tried to direct or subdue Turkey and degrade its political authority. The ambassadors of the ten countries (US, France, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands). They violated their mandate and abused their diplomatic immunity. Western countries want to continue efforts to pursue a hierarchical diplomatic relationship with Turkey and Turkey made a team of skilled diplomats with intense efforts and hard background to prevent another escalation of tensions. Turkey serves the interest of respecting the rules of diplomacy of both the country and the diplomatic counterparts.
Turkey feels that there should be limits on diplomats on their immunity. Diplomats still have their immunity but have an extent on their limits when they are in hosted countries. This way diplomats can not get away with serious crimes they have committed but can be let go if in situations that are not as great a concern. Countries that Turkey might consider allying with are the US, Iran, etc.

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