September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Situation in Syria

Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Blake Beckhorn

Delegate: Blake Beckhorn
Country: Russian Federation
Committee: United Nations Security Council
Topic: Situation in Syria
School: Williamston High School

The matter of stability and security is essential to all states, in order to function in a way that best allows its citizens to live in peace. The United Nations Security Council is especially equipped to help preserve every nation’s harmony, to peacefully resolve disputes as was its original purpose. The situation in Syria is a prime example of a conflict that requires the attention of the Security Council in order to stabilize the nation, in order to end the toll on its citizens. In 2011, radical protests began against the sitting president (al-Assad) of Syria, despite Assad winning the 2007 presidential election with a landslide 97.6%. These protests soon spiraled into a civil war, with the radical opposition (who proclaimed themselves The Syrian Interim Government) being joined by several distinct groups, such as the Syria Salvation Government and the Syrian Democratic Forces of a de-facto independent territory in Northeast areas of the country. Peace talks facilitated by the UN took place in 2015, however the unrest has continued.

The Russian Federation has long considered the official government of Syria an ally, and is disheartened to hear its fall into war. The Russian Federation has long considered itself a champion of democracy, and cannot sit idly by while a fellow nation falls into the hands of tyranny. In order to prevent the immediate fall of the democratically elected government through a coup, The Russian Federation has provided military support to the Syrian Government after its request to the federation for support. However, this conflict has increased in severity due to other nations inserting themselves into the conflict in order to have a proxy war, without the request of any parties involved.

The Russian Federation feels that this issue cannot be resolved without de-escalation first, something that was not included in the peace talks in 2015. This would include all foreign nations withdrawing their support for rebels, and finally enable the Syrian Government to regain its sovereignty and self determination. The Security Council can finally put this issue to rest through negotiations with its members that are currently involved in the conflict, along with neutral nations to truly find peace. The Russian Federation hopes to find support for this plan in nations like China.

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