September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Expanding Access to Medical Resources

Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Nicole Schafer

With growing populations discovering more diseases and critically harmful health issues, people worldwide need more medical resources to ensure their health. Many countries have universal health care, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and South Korea, all having different federal systems. The United States is the only one of the major “developed” countries still without a system of health care. Many countries throughout Central Africa and the Middle East though do not have universal health care either, which is concerning to those areas. It’s important that the people living in these regions receive health coverage, especially due to the antibiotic resistance dilemma previously noted.
The Russian Federation has its own internal medical coverage, but it is not the best system since many people do not receive good enough care and has offered free care since 1996. It used to be much better, but in a report, Russia was voted last out of 55 developed countries in the efficiency of their healthcare system. It is overall underfunded, spending much less than other countries on its system. 5% of Russians have private healthcare that is better in quality, but most cannot afford its higher prices and have to resort to the free, lower-quality healthcare. Newer stories describe the struggles of the system and are receiving criticism globally. Putin has said that since more funds should be put toward the special military operations, the budget for healthcare may be lowered even more, making the healthcare system even worse.
The Russian Federation has so many problems to deal with its own healthcare crisis that it is not really interested in dealing with the United Nations action against it, especially as a world power that would be asked most likely to help. The Russian Federation in fact does not really find interest in expanding even its own healthcare and is in no position to aid other countries.

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