September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Income Inequality

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Delegate Name: Ty Keesler

Income inequality has been an issue for a long time and now in this age it is now an urgent topic to settle. With the shrinking of the middle class and the difficulty of leaving the lower class becoming more difficult, it is necessary to solve this issue. Inflation worldwide is up by staggering numbers as a result of the recent covid pandemic, making many need to be extremely expensive and even unaffordable to some. This also contributes to the “rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer”, people who already had established passive income from people needs have been getting funneled money and the poor have been giving theirs to needs. This is what is disrupting the balance of the flow of currency.

The DRC has been trying to reduce the gap by creating more jobs within the country and giving more opportunity to people. Even with about 50% of the population living in poverty the country is trying to help through several projects such as The Future Path project, which is to help modernize the country, and create more jobs to gain a better economic footing. There are also combined efforts with other countries helping fund different aspects and lending support and money to help out, and other organizations through the UN.

The DRC would like to propose a plan to deal with the financial inequality and income gap. The plan will consist of a combined effort through NGOs, donations, and countries willing to help out create different programs and strengthen current ones to help create more jobs and equal opportunities to people and help rebuild a middle class. While keeping countries’ sovereignty, this will make sure the participation in any part is up to the individual countries. The DRC would like to ally with other countries such as: USA, France, Japan, Italy, and others willing to help.

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