September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Limits of Diplomatic Immunity

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Delegate Name: Adam Goudreau

Delegate:Adam Goudreau
Country:DR Congo
Committee: Legal
Topic: Limmits of Diplomatic Immunity
DR Congo believes it is important to examine and resolve the real problem of diplomatic immunity, preferably in a fashion that increases judicial equality. The legal treatment that favors diplomats and renders them “immune” to most criminal punishment is known as diplomatic immunity. This is a risk because it gives diplomats a pass to break the law. Most nations in the world—if not all—have diplomatic immunity.
Why should a diplomat be allowed to commit mass murder/crimes and get away with it? We need strict limmits to our diplomatic immunity. In the UK, an American Diplomat’s wife Anne Sacoolas was drunk driving when she hit and killed a teenager riding a motorcycle named Harry Dunn. Why should a Diplomat get away with murder but a Diplomat’s wife can’t get away with murder? DR Congo would like to work with the UN to greatly limmit the Diplomatic Immunity.
Some way the DR Congo would like to limmit the Diplomatic immunity is theft in DR congo the GDP per capity is around 550 US dollars a person. Diplomats who have well paying jobs should not be stealing from people in DR Congo or anywhere. DR Congo also believes that Diplomats should not have immunity from murder charges if a diplomat was going on a killing spree should the government be able to arrest them or not? The answer is clear limmitations are resonable and neccessary and they benefit all countries.

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