September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Nuclear Disarmament and Emerging Nuclear States

Country: Turkey
Delegate Name: Frinz Fisher

Delegate: Frinz Fisher
Country: Turkiye
Committee: DISEC
Topic: Nuclear Disarmament and Emerging Nuclear States

The UN announced nuclear arms as the most dangerous and destructive weapons on Earth. While only accompanied by warfare two times –in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki– they decimated the lives of nearly 215,000 citizens while also having a catastrophic impact on the environment, leaving a nearly irreversible effect on the future. Nuclear disarmament is the end goal that would leave our world in a position for any less destructive actions toward each of the nations involved. Any destruction that could be caused by nuclear arms would not be possible in the future if they were taken away from those that cannot be trusted. As of now, 9 countries possess nuclear weapons, including the United States, the Russian Federation, France, China, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea which together have an estimated total of nearly 13,000 nuclear arms. The United States also appears to be accompanied by Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and lastly Turkiye to house their own nuclear arms. The United States continues to have complete operational control of its operations, the precautioning of these locations was chosen to strengthen the United States’ nuclear war planning in any case of an urgent emergency that jeopardizes the lives of all the citizens of the world.
Turkiye has been an otherwise safer “neighbor” rather than its neighbors that have consistently sought destruction and unrealistic opportunities in the past. An example of one is the country of Germany which has the ability to produce/provide nuclear weapons but currently withholds. Germany is currently in partnership with those included in NATO which provides secure and justifiable protection against those who attempt any harm against their allies. Turkiye is in allyship with America as Turkiye continues to not only house the United States 50 nuclear arms but also provide security. Turkiye signed under the 1968 nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty which doesn’t allow Turkiye to develop or acquire any nuclear weapons. Turkiye has as well been signed under the 1996 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, which bans all nuclear test explosions. Turkiye otherwise endorses the acquirement and possession of nuclear arms.
Turkiye disagrees consistently with the disarmament of nuclear weapons and provides support to emerging nuclear states. Nuclear weapons provide border support and unification between nations with the precaution of improved treaties to declare that the use of such arms cannot be used in an unjustifiable way. Turkiye would be grateful to continue allyship with the United States with involvement with those signed with NATO to form an international allyship with the powerful nations with great military, navy, and overall control.