September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Right to Peaceful Protest

Country: Viet Nam
Delegate Name: Lanell Gardiner

Country: Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Committee: SOCHUM
Topic: Right to Peaceful Protest
Delegate: Lanell Gardiner
School: Williamston High School

The right to peacefully assemble and protest is a human right being implemented and acknowledged to varying degrees in countries across the world. With the lack of international recognition comes an array of enforcements; while it may be written into the Constitution in some countries, the actual protection of that right comes down to how the government weighs the risks and dangers such protests might inspire. The history of protests and citizens’ right to it remains a gray area for many governments, as the right may not be recognized at all, or the police response could vary with degrees of violent pushback. A person’s right to protest against injustices in their country or to stand up for a common cause is a right every individual, from every country should possess. Determining international standards and negotiating these liberties for everyone is crucial to establishing citizen-supported, just governments everywhere.

Although the freedom to assemble is written in the Vietnamese Constitution, it has not yet been legalized in the form of laws; the government has put this off because of concerns for the safety of citizens and the stability of the government in a situation where protests lead to violence. Vietnam does not support hatred and destructiveness against its government; peace and prosperity within the country is it’s number one goal, and protests that contradict the workings of the government (no matter how peaceful) will be seen as severe disruptions to natural society and the unity of the country. For these reasons, Vietnam has not signed any UN treaties on the topic. Public order should be maintained consistently, and the standards desired by the UN and western nations clash with the values of Vietnam.

Vietnam supports the right to peaceful assembly, however if it contradicts or puts the stability of the government at risk, action will be taken to disperse, condemn, and prosecute those responsible. Vietnam will not work with any country undermining the values and safety of a governing body; infringement on a government’s ability to protect and keep its people within the boundaries of its Constitution should never be violated. Governments should deal with the protests and unrest of their own citizens as they see fit; undermining this right will not be tolerated. Vietnam would gladly work with any country that agrees and upholds national sovereignty, that does not wish to be pushed by outside sources to meet standards contrary to the values and foundations of its government and country.

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