September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Nuclear Disarmament and Emerging Nuclear States

Country: Nigeria
Delegate Name: Cale Pederson

Delegate: Cale Pederson
Country: Nigeria
Committee: DISEC
Topic: Nuclear Disarmament and Emerging States
As countries grow and develop, so do their arms and the lethality that these countries have amongst them. Nuclear weapons are considered to be the most powerful and dangerous weapons in the entirety of the world. The UN has been incorporating various different treaties and prohibitions to stop the growing rise of nuclear arms in not only the UN but the entirety of the world. Although the UN has arranged different treaties and prohibitions, such as the Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons (TPNW) which as a result set a guideline and a way that nuclear weapons and forces should be pursued and dealt with. Even with these borders and guidelines the nuclear arms in the world are continually increasing and will keep growing if not dealt with.
Among these nuclear states there is the state of Nigeria which is considered as a Nuclear-Weapon-Free-State that they had signed into place on January 22 2021. Nigeria as well signed the TPNW and was one of the original 50 to sign and put these guidelines into place. Although they have signed into the TPNW they do not host or help with any nuclear weapons. Nigeria doesn’t have the resources to host or have nuclear weapons. Along with this they have kept true to the Non- Proliferation Treaty in which they have discussed not using or bringing in nuclear weapons to Nigeria. When thinking and talking about Nigeria gaining nuclear arms and becoming more involved would not be sustainable nor smart to do so with Nigeria as they don’t have the power or structure and we will maintain to be a nuclear free state. When thinking of a way to abolish these nuclear arms Nigeria thinks that the countries that use such nuclear threats should be punished and not be able to use this threat and endanger the entire world.
Along with the information put forth Nigeria would like to stay away from nuclear arms but be willing to help with other countries to either become nuclear free states or be able to help pass different resolutions and give our ideas to help the cause of nuclear arms within these countries. Nigeria hopes that it can help stop the threat of nuclear arms and help the countries trying to get involved with these nuclear forces to not go that route. Nigeria will also keep within the guidelines and follow the guidelines that have been put into place by these different treaties created.