September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Right to Peaceful Protest

Country: United Kingdom
Delegate Name: Harrison Powell

Country: United Kingdom
Committee: SOCHUM
Topic: Right to Peaceful Protest
Delegate: Harrison Powell
School: Williamston High School

Throughout most of the western world, the right to peaceful assembly and protest is generally accepted. Most democracies accept the right to peacefully protest with the ability to use the police when the government feels it is absolutely necessary. Almost every European country values this right. The United States, Canada and Mexico respect this right as well. In many eastern countries who have large populations, this right to peaceful protest is ignored and often sees retaliations by the government. China, Russia, India and Pakistan tend to ignore this right completely. Protests in these countries have often been met with violence by the government.
The United Nations declares the right to peaceful assembly a basic human rightAnd should be respected by all governments. The right to peacefully protest is a defining characteristic of democratic governments. People are entitled to voice their opinions on their own governments and it is imperative for us as a planet to be a cohesive, worldwide community where all people have basic human rights.
The United Kingdom has signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. All these international treaties outline the right to peaceful assembly and protest. The United Kingdom has also defined the right to peaceful assembly in their foundational documents. The United Kingdom is in full support of peoples’ right to peacefully protest, granted there are limitations to preserve public safety and general welfare. The United Kingdom agrees with all efforts to advance this right worldwide.
The United Kingdom plans on preserving the right to peaceful protest and fully supports its advancement worldwide. The UK supports all decisions to combat any and all deterring of this right. The UK wants to work with all countries who believe in this right and want to advance it to countries where it is not available to people. The UK wants to find compromise with countries where this right is ignored. The United Kingdom is willing to advance this right for people through economic opportunities and resource deals as well as recognition internationally to countries who do not value the right to peaceful protest. The United Kingdom does not wish to get involved in violent conflicts and wants to work with other democratic countries who feel the same. The United Kingdom does believe in the right to intervene on individual countries to enforce the right to peaceful protest.