September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Improvised Explosive Devices

Country: Viet Nam
Delegate Name: Thien Truong-Phan

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are deadly devices that detonate in varying sizes, causing damage that can be lethal. IEDs are not made in factories with regulated materials, but rather by people with whatever they can get their hands on. This can be anything from small, store-bought fireworks to military grade gunpowder. IEDs can cause great amounts of damage, especially in places that have large groups of people, such as train stations or during riots. IEDs have killed ten times more civilians than landmines because they are so much more common. IEDs are not only made by civilians though. Soldiers in history have made crude explosives to use during warfare when the stock of handheld grenades are depleted. They don’t only prove risks to the recipient of the explosive, but also the maker. Most explosives are made of highly reactive substances since most require a chemical reaction to detonate. This means that the maker is in risk of detonating the device at all times while making it. IEDs can cause large amounts of problems to everyone and should be restricted.

Vietnam has taken measures to stop people from using and creating devices that can explode and cause damage to people or buildings. Vietnam has passed a law that made it illegal to produce homemade bombs. Breaking this law will result in fines or imprisonment depending on the circumstance and severity. Vietnam is also actively searching for individuals or groups that use IEDs to cause damage or wreak havoc in public places, riots, and/or private institutions. In Vietnam, there are also gangs that use explosives. Whether they get official explosives or make them, Vietnam is actively trying to capture and break apart these gangs. Vietnam’s military has also made improvised explosives during the Vietnam War by the Viet Cong. They made numerous kinds of IEDs, anything from small land mines that took off your foot all the way to road mines big enough to take out trucks and humvees. Vietnam has denounced the production of IEDs in war but not banned it.

Vietnam in the future is looking to eliminate all usage and assembly of IEDs in the general population. Vietnam plans to not only stop the people from making or using the IEDs, but also to persecute them. Vietnam will look for these people by using surveillance devices such as security cameras to catch people using IEDs in public spaces. Vietnam wants to terminate all gangs that cause the country problems, making Vietnam safer from IEDs and other problems like human trafficking and drug trade. Vietnam looks forward to working with its allies such as China and Russia to continue to crack down on IEDs.

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